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Nuix Sensitive Data Finder for Advisories (ENG)


Enterprises turn to their advisory and technology partners to deal with private, regulated and confidential information, intellectual property, contracts, and other sensitive data types.

With Nuix Sensitive Data Finder, you can quickly, thoroughly and scalably find out:
• What sensitive data an organization holds
• Where it’s stored
• What changes you can make to protect it.
What’s more, Nuix Sensitive Data Finder can open the door to long-term data lifecycle management and information governance projects.



Nuix’s patented parallel processing engine can search virtually unlimited volumes of unstructured data with unmatched speed and forensic precision. The Nuix Engine searches the complex data sources everyone else ignores because they are “too hard.” This includes mobile devices, forensic images, file shares, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, Amazon S3 buckets, and even live Microsoft SQL Server databases.

A major advisory firm was receiving many requests from clients to help them comply with multiple overlapping state privacy laws, industry-specific regulations such as HIPAA for the health industry, and industry standards such as PCI-DSS for companies that accept credit card payments. The advisory firm started using Nuix Sensitive Data Finder. This advanced technology:

• Scanned for high-risk data without creating a permanent index, making it possible to deploy on a single server in client environments.
• Used Nuix’s powerful Named Entities model to identify social security and credit card numbers stored in email, archives, file shares, and other enterprise storage systems.
• Made it easy for the advisory firm to locate high-risk information stored in inappropriate locations or without adequate protection, and recommend remedial action.

A large financial institution was seeking to better manage its third-party vendor contracts. The firm discovered that employees often saved contracts in email or on shared drives, making it difficult to extract and analyze the contract terms in a new centralized contract management system. The firm used Nuix Sensitive Data Finder to scan its network infrastructure and locate these contracts in the wild.
• Nuix Sensitive Data Finder rapidly identified and extracted text and metadata from items across the network using a series of search queries.
• The firm’s contract management team could analyze responsive items in real time, identify contracts, and fine-tune the search queries to improve the accuracy of detection.
• The firm then extracted the confirmed contracts and migrated them into the management system.

Nuix Sensitive Data Finder enables you to identify sensitive data in vast volumes of data quickly and precisely


All the searching power …

Nuix Sensitive Data Finder applies the power of the Engine to generate Information Transparency™ across the contents of email systems, file shares, archives, databases, and other enterprise
storage systems. Our patent pending Custom Processing technology conducts complex searches— including optical character recognition—without storing a permanent index. This enables you to
run sweeps or audits across large numbers of systems very quickly.


… with Minimal Storage and Less Risk

Custom Processing technology allows you to set rules about which metadata, extracted text, and binary files to retain for analysis. Most of our advisory firm customers set it to keep metadata and text only from items that contain sensitive data, and to ignore the rest. This means you can search across hundreds or thousands of systems without needing to build a large storage infrastructure.
You can also avoid creating new records or discoverable content that represent an additional business risk.

icononuix-2 Avoid Business Disruption

Use Nuix Sensitive Data Finder’s time-of-day processing feature to minimize performance impact on your clients’ network and storage systems during business hours and maximize hardware usage during off-hours.

icononuix-3Distributed Deployment

Nuix Sensitive Data Finder uses multiple agents— instances of the Nuix Engine. With this distributed deployment method, you can rapidly set up an audit or sweep across large numbers of systems, volumes, and locations—on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux computers, virtual machines, and Windows Azure cloud servers.

icononuix-4Centralized Management and Monitoring

The Sensitive Data Finder management interface enables you to execute distributed projects with confidence. You can monitor the volume of data processed and the search hits returned in real time to validate the results.

icononuix-5Search in the Cloud

Using the Nuix Engine Instance Manager, you can dynamically manage Microsoft Azure virtual machines to process data from your Amazon S3, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft SharePoint data, with more cloud formats to come.

icononuix-6Find Private, Regulated, and Confidential Data—and More!

Nuix Sensitive Data Finder is ideal for locating high-risk and sensitive data, but it can easily search for any specific kind of data. Its applications include:
• Audit and regulatory response
• Contract compliance
• Loading selected data into a content or records management system
• Competitive response searches
• Freedom of information requests.

icononuix-8Stop When You Have Found Enough

Nuix Sensitive Data Finder makes it easy to identify systems that are not compliant with regulatory requirements. You can set a threshold, such as 10 instances of private data, and once Nuix Sensitive Data Finder reaches that point, it will stop searching that system and flag it for further review.

icononuix-9Powerful Visualizations, Presets, and Scripts

You can visually arrange search results by names of people and other extracted entities, timelines, statistics, relationships, access permissions, and other relevant criteria. Our query builder lets you create and reuse complex queries using a simple interface. You can simplify and automate common tasks using our built-in metadata profiles, filter criteria presets, entity definitions, and risk profiles, and write scripts to rank the risk level of responsive items.


Locating and classifying sensitive information may reveal a need for broader information governance projects such as data migration or lifecycle management. It may also reveal cybersecurity risks that require improvements to data protection and access control. Or it could identify user behavior problems that require changes to policies and training. For clients that need to search the same data regularly— for example in response to multiple regulatory specifications or frequent audits—Nuix Sensitive Data Finder can form part of a broader information governance model that involves periodically collecting and searching the latest data. At Nuix we know that the most important thing we can do for our advisory and litigation support customers is to help you grow your business. Nuix Sensitive Data Finder is just one example of where Nuix is prioritizing our long-term partners to help you drive additional revenue.

Monitor the number of items, volume of data processed, and number of search hits in real time.
Understand if risks are recurring or one-time events with an interactive timeline view.
Create complex reusable searches using the Query Builder.


Nuix enables people to make fact-based decisions from unstructured data.
The patented Nuix Engine makes small work of large and complex humangenerated data sets. Organizations around the world turn to Nuix software when they need fast, accurate answers for digital investigation, cybersecurity, eDiscovery, information governance, email migration, privacy, and more.

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